Cecilio Negron, jr.

We cannot display this gallery Cecilio “Ceeloe” Negron Jr. comes from a family of musicians and performers. During Ceeloe’s childhood, his father and uncle both played major roles in the Midwest music scene as musicians and band leaders. Having inherited his family’s musical talents, Cecilio had a natural ability to express himself musically at a young age. With his parent’s encouragement,  he developed his musical skills. Cecilio started his studies of music at the age of five, at the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music. Even at this tender age, Cecilio became more aware of his family musical history and traditions. This experience has had a powerful effect on his life. Then when he was 12 he began to mesh together all that he had learned and absorbed, while being raised around so much music. Then he was taught Latin Percussion from his father and uncle. They provided the basic knowledge of hand percussion technique and discipline. This had sparked an interest in Cecilio and gave him the confidence to take on the responsibility of learning his instrument. While in high school, Cecilio studied in the school music program and learned to read music, play drum-set and concert percussion. At the age of 14, Cecilio worked as a youth worker for the Inner City Arts Council. That motivated Cecilio to study music and the arts extensively. He gained valuable experience and knowledge of the arts from both sides of the business. Cecilio became a sponge and learned all that he could from everyone he could. Given a potent mix of deep family musical traditions, valuable experiences, and good education Cecilio earned top honors in the music program. He earned state honors & medals for jazz ensemble, concert band & solo performance. He also shared first chair position in the drum section during his senior year. As he learned more about himself and became more educated, Cecilio was able to become more confident with his abilities to share and teach his traditions and music. Cecilio began playing professionally by the age of 16. As a “rookie” in the music game, Cecilio was able to gain a reputation around the city as a solid and versatile musician. These opportunities allowed him to grow as a person as well as an artist. At the age of 21, Cecilio started his solo career working, and developing his skills to be a well-known local musician and educator.

Now Cecilio can be found playing with just about anyone you can think of. He has an extensive resume of performances at many local and national community centers, schools, business, arenas, clubs, music venues, and private events. He has worked with organizations like The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Milwaukee Public Theatre, The United Performing Arts Fund, The Boys and Girls Club of greater Milwaukee, YMCA, Milwaukee Public Schools, Latino Community Center, Marquette University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. These opportunities have given Cecilio the ability to design, manage, and facilitate his own musical ensembles, drumming workshops, drum circles, residencies, educational presentations and musical performances. Ceeloe’s talents and experiences have allowed him to make music his life long commitment. This allows him to use music and performance as a key to unlocking people’s abilities to spread a positive vibe and message about change, and improvement in our world and the human race .