How do I book a show?

What are my options?

What determines the cost of a show?

How do I book a show?
It’s quite simple actually… Just use our online Booking Form.

What are my options?

  • Concert: a single music performance event, generally geared towards a larger audience. The duration can vary from just under an hour to an two or more hours, including an intermission.
  • House concert: generally smaller in size, hosted at your house, and you invite whoever you want and charge them admission at the door. These shows are very intimate and interactive.
  • Club shows: yes, we do perform at clubs and bars. Generally, we prefer to make it a “non-smoking night” if the venue is open to it.
  • PAC Shows/Festivals
  • Workshop: a single gathering with a smaller group or audience which is characterized by a theme and includes specific learning processes.
  • Residencies: similar to workshops, but extend over a longer period of time with more visits. The goals of a residency are ultimately influenced by your agenda. Creating a residency is a more involved process than scheduling a workshop.Workshops and residencies are often connected to a concert performance.
  • Story Theatre: a presentation which includes short dramatic narrative plays or fables with music enacted by our company.
  • Weddings: marriage is a sacred union, and we have just the music to uplift matrimonial ceremonies!!!
  • Radio Shows: interviews and/or live performances

What determines the cost of a show?
If you are not experienced at booking shows you will need to know about the variables affecting cost, including:

  • Availability & scheduling – if a trip to your area is already planned, it can save you money.
  • Number of performers – can vary from solo to ensemble.
  • Type and length of presentation – half-day, all day, by the hour, several visits
  • Ticket price and size of venue – are you charing an admission, are you non-profit?
  • Travelling distance for the performer(s) – how far do we have to transport our personnel and gear.
  • Accommodations and hospitality – does our stay require an overnight stay, are meals provided?
  • Planning time – for specially commissioned and/or longer events
  • Materials – for workshops and residencies
  • Sound System – we have more sound demands than the average band, and to sound good, we prefer to bring our sound engineer, Nick.
  • Lighting