Oct 28

This thread is in the pseudoscience section. I hope I see a bit more science elsewhere on this site than I have here so far. I am then told there is none, but she is then lumped in with Sylvia Browne and John Edward. Are you being obtuse on purpose? That post was made by one guy. Which is why your positions seems very unclear: you complain when someone says she is a fraud then you complain when people agree that that does not appear to be the case. Maybe you should visit some of the threads where science is discussed (rather than this one, which was started by a crank). Because of that, I think Strange is under the impression you’re calling HIM unscientific and, now, obtuse.It’s just a misunderstanding.EDIT: Nevermind, Strange posted first. *shakes fist angrily* I’m just asking for statements to be supported, otherwise why discuss it on a science forum? Read the rest of this entry »