Here’s what people are saying about One Drum:

  • “This is one of the most responsive concerts we have held at Edinboro University since I took over this position. I would recommend One Drum to anyone who asks.” – Cosmo Barbaro, Performing Arts Series, Edinboro University
  • “I visited the website it is spectacular, amazing, honest, real and I could go on and on about the website and how I feel. I was driving home one day when I saw a van with “” on the side of it, that’s when I wrote it down and went home to look it up and found that my dream of being a songwriter or a poet or what ever I wanna be will possibly one day come true.” – Melisa K., Roscoe, Illinois
  • “I teach 2nd grade in East Troy and saw your performance last Thursday morning with my class. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my class and I thought your show was and that we really enjoyed ourselves immensely. So much so, that at the end of the day during free time, a few of my little boys dug into our classroom “invention center” and created their own dijeridoos out of wrapping paper tubes and paper towel tubes. One boy even made a hat like yours out of paper. Watching them prance around the room playing their instruments was just too cute… and obviously inspired by you and your entourage.” – Becky Hladik and her 2nd graders, East Troy
  • “David Stocker’s performance with Jahmes Finlayson was a show stopper at the Two Way Street.” – Two Way Street Coffee House, Illinois
  • “(One Drum) took us on an eloquent ride along the borderline that marks the merging of tribal ritual and contemporary social commentary.” – Old Town School of Folk Music
  • “That’s good stuff.” – Willie Nelson
  • “I would just like to say that you gave an awesome performance! I really enjoyed it, it was very elaborate and fun. It gave us as East Troy kids the chance to interact with the performers themselves. I learned a lot about things I never knew, such as you can make anything into music. It really broadened my horizons into other peoples culture; even though it was only through music, it was expressed so vividly. Once again, I would like to say thank you for coming and visiting our school and putting on such a spectacular performance.”
    — Student, East Troy School District