Mar 23

Mark your calendar!

One Drum will perform a reunion concert at the COREEl Centro benefit Groovathon, featuring the musical delights of Holly Haebig, Kristin Urban, David Stocker, Jahmes Finlayson, Doc Jeff Green, and Roman Edirisinghe.

How could you possibly conceive of missing this show?

Put a dip in your hip, a slip in your slide, and boogie on down to the the South Side, and get your groove on at the COREEl Centro Groovathon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010, 8pm-10pm
COREEl Centro
611 West National Avenue, 4th Floor
Admission $10 – Benefit for COREEl Centro
Groovathon Web Site
COREEl Centro Web Site


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Aug 1

[singlepic id=825 w=75 float=right]I was digging though some old boxes of stuff, and I stumbled across a whole bunch of One Drum set lists. Many of them were scrawled on whatever was available at that moment, and there were several noteworthy napkins in the collection. I went ahead and scanned everything in, and posted them to the gallery.

There is something almost tender about these scraps of paper. Viewing them reveals a side of One Drum that is oft overlooked – a fleeting, nameless aspect of the band that isn’t conveyed though the music.

Check out the Set Lists Gallery


Jun 25