Atlanta’s Soda

  • 11:56 am – We pack up our stuff and hit the road, bound for Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 7:27 pm – we arrive in Atlanta, and make our way to Amanda Goodwin’s apartment, where we have ample floor space reserved.
  • 8:45 pm – we enter the movie theater
  • 8:50 pm – In the interest of Roman’s self-respect we’d like to skip saying anything about the way Roman’s foot connected with Ceeloe’s gallon-and-a-half super gulp soda in an ill timed capoeira move performed in the foyer of the movie theater, where we’d hoped to have a quiet evening AND the ensuing conversation with a snotty patron who had the affrontery to be perturbed about the fraction of aforementioned soda which landed on her pristine garment OR the Dukes of Hazzard, kneejerk reaction from her brotherlovercousinself-appointed protector. ‘Nuff said!
  • 9:05 pm – pending the movie start times, Roman, Dave and Amanda shop at the nearby Kroger and are unmasked as foreigners in our attempt to purchase wine in Georgia on the Day of the Lord, also known as the Blue Laws, presumably derived from the Blues, which would have affected Jesus had he tried, like us, to make a similar purchase for one of those potlucks he was well known for. WWJD? Go see a movie. Our cashier was a cat from Ghana, named Seth, who recognized Gahu as we serenaded him.