• 5:30 am – David wakes himself up, showers, gathers his belongings, loads and warms up the truck. Sits there until…
  • 6:23 am – David realizes no one else is up yet.
  • 6:24 am – bombs go off, startling One Drum band members erect for the day.
  • 6:33 am – we find Roman hiding in a closet and shame him unmercifully.
  • 6:47 am – Roman finds himself and comes out of the closet.
  • 7:14 am – One Drum van rolls out of Paces Station, and we say goodbye to a sleepy Amanda.
  • 7:50 am – load in begins at Georgia Tech. We meet Brian, Tony, Barrett, Justin and the other guy, whose name, we apologize, we cannot remember. (P.S. Send us an email, dude and we’ll fix this error of omission.)
  • 9:30 am – we are well situated on one of the most beautiful proscenium stages we have ever performed. Apparently, there is a tradition here to sign and doodle on the green room walls and we oblige. Oh my god, there is this monster, prehistoric, Schwartzenegger cockroach doing bench lifts on the dressing room wall! We run shrieking from the room onto the stage, while 500 kids watch us start our show. We all agreed the new elements, including “rewind”, “capoeira-hip-hop” , opening with Gahu were well received. Especially fun was the Q&A session, during which David, armed with a wireless mic, played Phil Donahue, or was it Jerry Springer, or was it Ricky Lake?
    Cool Question: “How do you learn all those songs in all those languages?”

  • 1:00 pm – back to Lil’ Five Points for lunch at the Olive Bistro. We held hands with Cindy, the waitress, and probably embarrassed her terribly while giving thanks for the food, which was great, by the way.
  • 3:30 pm – we leave Doc & Julio to find their own way to the airport, and the fearsome foursome buckle themselves into their capsule, driving off into the sunset. Florida awaits.